1RSFF – Sept. 2018 “International Festival for Feature Films, Short Films and Documentaries ” – Official Rules

Awards & Prizes

Festival Winner’s Awards:

Special Award “Romance”
Special Award Best Special FX
Special Award Best Special VFX

Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Photography
Best Soundtrack
Best Movie


“International Competition for Feature Film, Short Film and Documentary 2018”
Official Rules

The submitted Movies must have the following requirements:


a) Length

FEATURE FILMS  – max  130’00” length (one hundred and thirty minutes / seconds), including the Credits;

SHORT FILM  – max  30’00” length (thirty minutes / zero seconds), including the Credits;

DOCUMENTARY  – max  30’00” length (thirty minutes / zero seconds), including the Credits;


b) Production Release

The submitted Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries must have to be produced Not earlier than January 1, 2015 (for Production Date is intended the ending of the moviemaking and the post-production);


c) Languages

If the movie has a foreigner language (not Italian), must have Italian or English Subtitles.


If “Not Accepted” the Movie’s Entry Fee will not be refunded. In case of disqualification for failure to meet the requirements a), b) and c), the Entry Fee will not be refunded.



All the Participants must provide an Entry Fee of:

€ 25,00 (twenty-five /euros) for each FEATURE FILM submission.
€ 15,00 (fifteen /euros) for each SHORT FILM submission.
After filling the ENTRY FORM (following attached), the registration process will be complete by paying the Entry Fee by the “FOTONICA Non-Profit” PayPal account.
For the Submission of several MOVIES, please follow each time the same procedure.
Important – Please Save the Bill of payment and/or the PayPal receipt and e-mail it with the subject “Receipt of payment to FOTONICA/RSFF”.

Please save it . Will be requested.


The Movies submitted must be registered and sent using the File Transfer service “WeTransfer.com” within 00:00 hours on 31 July 2018 as the deadline.
Important – As receipt of the submissions of the MOVIE  you’ve sent, please save the e-mail with subject WeTransfer.com: “Thanks for using WeTransfer. File sent to RSFF” at ” rietiesabinafilmfestival@gmail.com ”


The FOTONICA Non-Profit Committee will select the best Movies for the Final Stage.

In the Final Stage a Special Jury will choose among those preselected Movies at its own judgment the Winners.
The choices of the Special Jury are not changeable.

The Special Jury will be announced, before the expiry of the deadline, 31 July 2018.
The Festival Winners and those deserving of Special Mention will be known only at the Gala Night.

The ones whose have been selected for the Gala Night of the screening, will be previously informed by e-mail or telephone and requested to fill out a detailed work Checklist (Synopsis, Cast / technical, Production Notes, etc.), enclosing various additional materials (such as the poster, promotional photos, trailers, etc.) required at that time.

There will be cash prizes, (TBD) (please follow the updates on this page), which will be paid exclusively to the Copyright holder of the Movie (whether it be the Director, the Producer or a member of the artistic Cast / technical),  present in the day of the Final Show. If this condition is not met, the prize money will not be delivered.

“Fotonica Non-Profit” owns the right to decide whether or not to show one or more of the Movies, as part of the Festival, of any Movies that have been submitted at the “ 1st RIETI E SABINA Film Festival”.

The RSFF Competition it’s an Open Festival, as the biggest and most important Festivals of the World.
Each one of the submitted Movies will be listed on the Official Web Page of the Festival and on the Official FB along with Freeway Film.

RSFF will host a special Section of Documentary from “Earthquake in Sabina and Rieti


The ones whose want to submit their Movies through RSFF website must register their Movies or Short Movies through the Entry Form.






FOTONICA Non-Profit presents the "1st RIETI & SABINA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL" 21-22-23 September 2018

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